Master Classes by Lev Mikulitski

Short Training Sessions and Micro Courses For The Age of Exponential Growth

The future is now. We need new skills to deal with the challenges ahead.

Beyondigital's goal is to nurture the relevant skills and provide you with the tools that will assure personal and professional growth and success. The contents of the Beyondigital Academy are given exclusively at the compound of Brain Embassy co-working at Tel Aviv, Warsaw and Antwerp. 

The Chief Lecturer

Lev Mikulitski, 

Growth Strategist

Business troubleshooter

Digital Marketer

Lev is an AdMan, Strategic Planner, Personal and Business Growth Author. For the past couple of years, Lev served as a Consumer Behavior lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Today Lev serves as the CEO of mooveahead - MedTech, HealthCare and AgriTech Growth Agency, CEO of "", End-to-end fundraising solutions for startups, and leads MIKULITSKI as the Strategy, Innovation and Growth agency.

With Our Micro Courses

We aim to cultivate the 
skills of the future


Email Marketing & Marketing Automation With Brains

The course aims to transform the participants into people of influence, as well as motivation generators. Using tools such as email marketing, marketing automation, and strategic vision, participants would be able to meet the required marketing and business goals more effectively.

Digital Transformation

The Strategic Innovation and Growth Perspective 

The course is sponsored by Yeshiva University's Innovation Lab and will be accompanied by guest lectures and leading innovation experts from a variety of industries.

The future calls for more relevant knowledge

Future Workshops

Mastering Disruptive

Business Model

Shape a strategic state of mind and get appropriate tools to design, assess and test a sustanable business model that will last.

Value Proposition

That Sell. More.

Create competitive, sustainable, insight-based businesses that are relevant to your customers, time,

and time again.

Innovation vs. Invention,

Right Anchors For Growth

Innovation vs. Invention,

what approach, method or tool set would serve as a growth engine catalyst for your business?


Our Trusted Campanion

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